SQL Update Statement

SQL Update Statement is a group of SQL commands to modify data.

There are three in this category. Sql Insert command inserts data into a table. Sql Update command updates data in a table. Sql Delete command deletes rows in a table.

If you follow the tutorial in order, by now you already have the database with its tables and indexes. Now you are going to put some data into the tables. You need the contents for the next tutorial, Data Retrieval.

Sql Insert
To add rows to a table, you use Sql Insert command. There are two methods, one is with the VALUES keyword and second is with a SELECT statement.

Sql Update
To change existing rows, you use Sql Update command. You can use it to change values in a single row, groups of rows or all rows. You can also update a table based on values in other tables.

Sql Delete
To remove rows, you use Sql Delete command. You can delete one rows, group of rows or all rows. You can also delete rows based on values in other tables.

Let's load some data to the tables using Sql Insert.

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