Sql Duplicates

How to find duplicate using sql duplicates? If you have a table and you are wondering if there is any duplicate record in it or not, what do you do?. There are two possible situations:

  • one. there is a primary key:

    If the primary key is rowID, the following SQL will show all duplicates row:

    SELECT rowid
    FROM   tbl
    GROUP  BY rowid
    HAVING COUNT(*) > 1; 

    The duplicates shown here will only have one colum,i.e. the primary key column. What if you are interested to see the rest of the columns? To do this you need to use Sql Subquery. This is how you do it: SELECT *
    FROM   tbl
    WHERE  rowid IN (SELECT rowid
                     FROM   tbl
                     GROUP  BY rowid
                     HAVING COUNT(*) > 1); 

  • two. there is no primary key:

    This is a situation when the same records added several times to a table.

    To show all duplicate rows, as the whole, use the following Sql(for sake of simplicity, let's assume the table has got only 3 columns):

    SELECT firstname,
    FROM   tbl
    GROUP  BY firstname,
    HAVING COUNT(*) > 1.; 

Only duplicate records will be shown in the result. That leads to a conclusion that if there is nothing in the result that means there is no duplicate record in the table(but you may have to be careful on a certain situation,I'll discuss this later).

There are some other ways to do the same thing (I believe this applies to almost anything), such as using sql subquery or sql join. I'll discuss this too sometime later.

Here's for you to think. You know there's duplicate in a table, but how do you remove the duplicate records?.

I shall discuss that next.

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