Sql Distinct

Use Sql Distinct to select unique rows of a table.

The syntax:

FROM   Table_name(s) 

The "column_list" after the DISTINCT keyword determine the uniqueness of the rows. If you select only one column, the Sql will select unique entries of that column. If you select two columns, the Sql will select unique combination of those two columns.

Often the Sql Distinct is combined with the Sql Count, so instead of getting the list, it will show the total number of distinct rows.

Let's use the CONTACTS table again for illustration. The task is to list the values of State in that table.

To do this write this sql:

FROM   contacts 

You get 3 rows in the result:


Let's experiment by adding Postcode to the column list.

Write the following Sql:

FROM Contacts

And the result has 4 rows:

NSW 2000
NSW 2010
VIC 3000
QLD 4225

Why the 'NSW' appears twice? It's because the program checks uniqueness row-wise,i.e. the combination of State and Postcode.

When you use DISTINCT keyword, make sure you dont include the Primary Key of the table (CPId in this case) in the column list, otherwise it will just list everything in that table. Because the Primary Key is unique for all rows.

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