Sql Delete

Use Sql Delete to remove rows in a table.

Similar to Sql Insert and Sql Update, you can do it on a single-row, group of rows or all rows. You can remove rows based on data in other tables using subqueries.

The syntax to delete data in a table:

DELETE FROM table_name
WHERE conditions

Like Sql Update statement, if there is a WHERE condition, it is advisable to test the condition first. Especially if it is a complex WHERE clause. To find out how please check the same process in the sql update.

Let's use the previous table as an example. If you want to delete record with ID number 3 from Tbl_L, then we issue this sql command.


The system will tell you how many rows have been deleted. Again, make sure you tested the condition first before running the sql, as you cant undo it later.

If you want to purge the content of a table, use the sql command without WHERE condition.

Let's start learning how to select data using Sql Select.

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