SQL Create

SQL create command we create a database and its tables.

Most of the time we do not have to create a database ourselves, usually your system administrator will do it for you.

This is mainly for the following reasons: storage space limitation, data integrity and security. This section is only to show the basic format of the SQL to create a database.

A database architect designs a database, after considering all the good practices of designing a database. He/she then creates a database or asks a DBA to create one for him/her. A DBA might assign a certain level of privileges that enable a database architect to create tables and manage them and grant access to users.

Let's discuss each sql command by clicking the following links:

  1. Create Database SQL:SQL commands to create a database
  2. Create Table SQL: After a database is created, each table is created using this sql command.
  3. Alter Table SQL: This sql command is to change tables, either to add a column or to remove a column.
  4. Drop Table SQL: To remove a table from the database.
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