SQL Create Table

SQL Create Table command is used to create tables. Tables are the basic building blocks of a database.

Tables are divided into rows and columns. To create a table we need to know:

  • The name of the table/entity
  • The fields/columns
  • Type of each field/column
  • State if Null value is permitted for each field,

The syntax to create a table:

CREATE TABLE table_name
   field1 data_type [primary key],
   field2 data_type [NOT NULL],
   field3 data_type [NULL],
   . . . .

The primary key is used to indicate the unique identifier of a table. If we set a field as a primary key, it will automatically set into not null too.

Valid data types in Transact-SQL are as follow:


For example let's create authors table.

Sql command:

          au_id INT PRIMARY KEY,
          au_fname NVARCHAR(25),
          au_lname NVARCHAR(25),
          phone NVARCHAR(12),
          address NVARCHAR(40),
          city NVARCHAR(40),
          state NVARCHAR(10),
          zip NVARCHAR(10)

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