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Interested to learn Sql? Looking for a good sql tutorial? You have come to the Right Place!

On this site, you will learn sql's many aspects. First, you'll learn how to create a database / table, also you'll learn how to modify data. Then learn the core of sql, data retrieval. This site is suitable for any skill level.

Sql is a standard language to retrieve data, to create tables, and to modify data. Database/rdbms vendors often have their own Sql extensions, but by understanding what is presented here it will greatly help you to learn more deeply any RDBMS.

In no time at all you will see that SQL is easy to learn. It is simple but yet, very powerful.

We are going to show you how to use the basic Sql and then gradually, at your own pace, move into a more advance SQL. We'll show you good practices and tips in writing Sql. Also some tricks of the trade that soon will make people see you as an expert in Sql queries.

The site is structured as follow:

SQL Introduction:
What is SQL? What is it for? This section tries to answer those questions.

Database Creation:
Ever wondered how to create a database or tables? This page discuss about that. You will also learn how to use SQL to alter a table, such as changing column name, adding or deleting a column or to drop a table.

Data Manipulation:
These are the sql commands to change, delete or insert data into existing table. Before you use these sql commands, it is important to understand these commands well first. Because often you can't undo the changes!. We'll show you a trick to make sure that the sql you write is really what you expect it to accomplish.

Data Retrieval:

This is the heart of Sql commands. The simple sql statement is selecting all columns and all rows. Then you can introduce criteria, join the criteria, group rows into class, and limit the result of the grouping.

SQL Advanced:
One of the benefit of using RDBMS is controlling redundancy,i.e. by storing data as atomic as practically possible. That means we have many tables. To derive information we must join tables together. Here we discuss inner join, left join, right join, outer join and subquery.

Sql Problems and Solutions:
This is another cool page. This page is for everyone, this is the page where I post sql problems and solutions!. If you have something interesting about sql that you'd like to share, please feel free to post it there.

NEW!!!  Job Search:
To help readers find a job, I provide this page. Also, if you already have a job but want to see if the grass is really greener on the other side, you can also visit this page.

Okay, that is enough. Bookmark this 'learn sql' site now (Press Ctrl-D) and start now to learn 'what is Sql'!

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